An introduction to ‘Dear Melanoma’

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Over the last 6 months I’ve struggled with my diagnosis. I’ve had a great support base around me. I have fantastic doctors. But what I’ve been missing is somewhere to express my emotions openly and honestly.

There have been many times throughout my melanoma journey that I’ve just wanted to crawl up in a little ball and cry, or yell at someone because what they are saying is highly insensitive, or even a way to just laugh and make light of what is a pretty shit situation.

 And that’s why I would like to say…

Dear Melanoma,
You are absolutely shit…
But, we need to talk about you, not ignore you.
I’m going to cry, yell and laugh when I write about you, but that’s ok.
Love Emma

At the top of the blog, you can see one of my favourite quotes from Winnie the Pooh that explains what love is. Its prominent position on the blog deserves an explanation. And I’ll offer an explanation in the weeks and months to come.

One of the biggest fears someone can have when they’re dying is that they ‘ll be forgotten. This quote reassures me everyday. When the time comes that I’m no longer here in a physical sense, I know that my love will continue because love isn’t a physical thing - it’s a feeling.

I hope this blog can go beyond being just an aid for me to cope with my melanoma journey, but also help other people or families touched by this disease.


  1. Emma, you sharing your feelings will hopefully give you space to debrief and reflect as well as helping others to do the same. Thank you for inviting us to share your journey- I for one am holding your hand. Caylie Jeffery

  2. Dear Emma, thinking of you so much. I cannot wait to read more of your posts. With lots of love, Katie.
    PS: You look stunning in your wedding snaps.

  3. You are truly a wonderful young woman ... Another message from Winnie the Pooh for you, "Remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful than you'd ever imagine" Kath :-)

  4. Hi Emma since Colombia in South America. I was reading your blog. I hope that everithing is better with your health and dont leave your dreams.

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  6. Hi Emma since Colombia in South America. I was reading your blog. I hope that everithing is better with your health. And dont leave your dream because its make that you want to live.

  7. Prayers for you xo k

  8. This is the first page of your blog I have read and I just wanted to say I loved your explanation of the quote about love. How true, the feeling of loving someone never dies when they die. Love is the best feeling in the world and you are surrounded in it. What a brave person you are x

  9. First of all, Prayers to you Emma <3 I was diagnosed with Melanoma (stage 2c) in June and had a wide excision and lymph node biopsy. You have a wonderful way with words. Everything I was feeling, but couldn't express. I am currently in a Clinical Trial, which will hopefully delay recurrence. I am praying for you and I know you will beat this :)


Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to connect. Emma x

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